Bangkok – Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. approved as R&D organization

Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (GRETHA) has been approved as Research & Development organization under Royal Decree 297 & 598 by the Thai Revenue Department. This decision will be announced publicly by the Royal Gazette shortly.

This fact provides the development of a new business section, Research & Development for the company. The R&D services must fit into the following categories, in order to provides extra tax benefits up to 300% to customers’ invested value for GRETHA’s R&D services:

  • Basic Research: Activities that are conducted to explore new knowledge  from basic natural phenomena and factual observations.
  • Applied research: The application of basic knowledge to solve or develop concept for commercial purposes.
  • Pilot development: Activities performed to magnify a production scale from basic research and applied research.
  • Demonstration development: To verify a technology and production process and to demonstrate the level of integrity of such process and viability on a commercial scale production in both quality control and cost estimation.

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